Our Line Official: @TinHomeToy

Our products mainly produce form galvanize steel sheet combines with natural material such as wood, manila rope or fabric. Most of the product we have are in natural finishing but still, we carefully choose some special colours for our product each season. Here are some details about the materials we use.

We also have other materials we combine with our galvanized steel product to make our product more unique and friendly. We plan further for the new material that can be exiting and very interesting. Please keep yourself posted for our new product line with new materials :)

Crystallization pattern

on Galvanized steel

Pine wood & Acacia wood

Wood has been used for thousands of years for as a construction material and in furniture industry. It is an organic material gives warm touch and user-friendly feeling to the product.

We use many kinds of wood in our product, most of them are soft wood because the light colour of soft wood makes galvanize steel looks warmer.

We use pine wood and acacia wood for handles, lids, trays, talbe legs and also stucture of some products such as our drawers. you can feel the pattern and texture when you touch them.

Manila Rope